Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Things About The CJ

1. Chameleon - can change following situation

2. Do, don't think too much - when I want something I just do it, sometimes without thinking

3. Fire - I can never be calm

4. Judge - I always seem to have the final say

5. Wrath - People always say i have an angry face when serious... not too sure bout that

6. Loose Cannon - When I get in a bad mood I just explode, but usually a couple of minutes I would be fine

7. Sheep In Wolfs clothing - the opposite of a famous line, people say that the first time people see me I seem intimidating but after knowing my true self, im good to be with

8. Blunt weapon - I am very blunt... I just say things as it is without thinking whether it hurts or offend people, cuz I want to tell things as they are, not give fake facts and give false hope to people

9. Emperor - For some unknown reason my words always end up like the law, and people say I always seem to get what I want (which is not true), thus the title

10. Pride - Im a proud person.... I rather die than faint and I rather hide and suffer alone than ask people for help... my pride is more important than my life itself..


Apple Tan said...

kakakakakakaka!! ur blog was giving me a surprise!!

Suddenly its bright in here! and then it turns out cuteeeeeeeee when the Darkness - hazel eyes songs started "aAaaaAAaAAA" and then i see the dancing penguin boy. HAAHAHHAAH!!!

SO funny laaa!!

The CJ said...

lol ppl was saying my blog was too ganas, so I changed it to look cute LOL, less complains from the audience ;)