Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Question 1
Does the designs give the impression that is similar to their supposed use? (does home look like home etc.)
A. Yeah
B. Not at all
C. Somewhat unclear

Question 2
What do you think of the colors?
A. Cool!
B. ....why is it so dull?
C. Pure Ugliness

Question 3
Do the design looks as though they are a set? (similar design)
A. Hell yeah!
B. Dude, they do not even look similar!
C. A little, need more characteristics!

Question 4
What do you think about the icons being using only 2 colors (vector) and three colors (pixel)?

Question 5
And finally, please give your opinions! Any improvement ideas?

Monday, January 25, 2010

hmmm birds...

On thursdays Multimedia class we were taught how to use the photoshop animator (whatever its called) to make animated pictures... this is my version of animated bird out of my then empty head haha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MM class two..

Was asked to do a pixel avatar of a fellow classmate... Every time I look at it I laugh... not because its funny or anything, but because I did it just by looking at the fellow once... It looks almost like him though so im somewhat satisfied.... maybe...

Changed the music..

Just as the title states... the old music was getting on my head and nerves haha

Heh... second week..

So far so good I guess, second week of classes and I must say Im not really enthusiastic about all my class being at 9am.. (except Perspective Studies) Last week i had to force myself to stand up and go class, almost decided to skip haha... eventually I hope I will get used to this, been very lazy lately...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Added music..

Well like the title clearly states, I added my favourite song to the blog... I woulda put Thrash Metal or Death Metal or that sorts but I would get faces from people so instead I put a song that is stuck to my head... enjoy... and hope it get stuck in ur heads too muahaha!

oh and dun worry... its a good song heh...

And so....

Now usually someone like me is either too lazy to make one or could care less about blogging, but since Im required to do so for my MM class, lets begin! Now that I have this blog I could share my bullshit with all of you guys not only by mouth but by typed words too haha, no escape! Oh and another reminder... I do NOT censor or make mild my words for anyone so if bad words offend you then... bluntly... Fuck Off!